Better Security -Coming Soon.

Better Security -Coming Soon.
There was a time not too long ago when people did not have to worry about viruses attacking their personal computer.  So there will be a time when again will not worry about that sort of thing.  But that is in the future.  Is good to believe in the future, but we have to live every day one day at a time.  So how can you improve your computer security now?

This is the first of a series of short pieces on computer security.  The obvious thing is to select a good antivirus program, and the future article on give you some tips on which ones seem to be the best.
But for today, hears the tip that every new computer users should know.  Be very careful about your e-mail.  More often than you might think, computer viruses come through e-mail .To help cut down on the possibility of a virus being in your e-mail, put a limit on how many friends of yours received your personal e-mail.  In fact, you may wish to have to e-mail accounts.  One for business use and another for strictly personal use.  Also, make an agreement with your friends cannot share of e-mail addresses with other people without your permission.  Surprisingly, many people inadvertently do this by building mailing lists and sending jokes and cartoons to their mailing list.  The problem with that is that every name in the list will show up on every e-mail that is sent out.  If you look on the outgoing message form you will see there is a place for carbon copy and blind carbon copy.  The recommendation is tell your friends to all issues the BCC, blind carbon copy, for messages they go out to a large group of recipients.  Otherwise, too many people are going to see the names of many people they don’t know and that may not be a good idea.
That’s today’s security tip..  More next week.

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