Why do hard drives fail?

Perhaps this is happening to you.  You have a portable computer and you take it on a trip with you and it stops working. When you get back home you find that the hard disk drive has failed and needs to be replaced..

The most notorious type of hard drive failure is called a head crash.  This is whether a read/write head comes down hard on the disk and does damage to itself and the disk.  In such a situation you’d have to send a hard drive to any special service agency to re cover most of the drive data.
However, many hard drive failure are nut  that drastic.
This is the first part of the series a short articles about hard disk drive failure and what you can do about it.
Today’s tip is about heat.  More often then you might expect, it  is heat that shortens the life of the hard drive. Give  attention to how hot your left top computer gets.  Keep it cool, and the hard drive will last much longer.  That should be rather obvious, yet  sometimes people forget that hard disk drives do have very strict temperature limits.  And yes, don’t let them freeze either.  Freezing temperature is very damaging to a hard disk drive.

Thia’s all for today. Comments welcome.

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