Have you got a virus? Get a rescue CD.

Perhaps you think your computer has a virus.  In the virus can slow down the performance of your computer and compromise your privacy.  There are many good and anti virus programs available, many an offer free trials.  However, and they are ovens not much value if he already have a virus.  They are more effective to prevent the virus from entering.  Today there are many very clever the virus forms that will prevent you from getting an anti virus program.
So what can you do if you cannot get an anti virus program after the infection has already occurred?  In such a case, you need to have a rescue CD.  The rescue CD is used to start your computer instead of the standard operating system.  The rescue CD operates independently from your operating system and can scan your hard drive for the most common type of virus that could be interfering with your computer’s operation.  For more information about the rescue CD, you can search on local or Yahoo for the keywords “rescue CD “.
Here are some examples:
Kaspersky Rescue CD
BitDefender Rescue CD
F-Secure Rescue CD
Avira Antivir Rescue Disk
Trinity Rescue Kit CD
Aand you may find others that look interesting.  However, the list t above I have personally checked and I am sure these companies are legitimate and the they each offer a good product.  I do not receiving compensation for making this recommendation.

Perhaps you suspect your computer has a virus

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