Get e-mail the way you want it.

This is about e-mail services and  how to get a a better e-mail name.
You have lots of choices. Don’t get stuck with a weak e-mail name. New buyers of computer find the latest version of Microsoft Windows does not have the e-mail built-in. That means the new owner has to decide what kind of e-mail service he shall have. Here is how you can have very good e-mail address that would be easy to remember and represent your personal taste.
Ignore the suggestion sign up with Microsoft for their e-mail service. You can do better, much better at expressing yourself in your choice of an e-mail name. If you visit the website at you will see that you have a lot more choices. I’d say that you and your spouse decided he would like to have just your first name as an e-mail address and perhaps something that suggests what kind of business or profession you have. Here are some of your personal possibilities:,,,, and so on. However, the examples above are probably already taken. But their are so many more interesting e-mail names available from just one provider. To check it out go  the link above and check in for a free account and then you’ll see all the possibilities available and. Check and see if your name or combination of words is already taken.
On the other hand, services like the Microsoft Hotmail don’t offer much in the way of unique and memorable e-mail names. Your choice.

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