Should you keep Windows XP?

It has been said that Microsoft Corp. will stop support of Windows XP this month. Of course, that does not mean that Windows XP will just go away. It does mean that you are not going to order a new PC with the old software on  it.  However, there are a number of users who would rather have Windows XP than either Visa or Windows 7.
If you wish to purchase Windows XP from a retailer, you can still do that. The price is about half of what you pay for windows s7. Most of the major manufacturers will continue to have the necessary drivers for Windows XP as well as other versions of Windows.
One of the reasons for not using Windows XP is a security issue. Recently we reported here at the NAS had announced that everybody should stop using windows XP because of security issues.
So there you have it, go ahead and use it if you want. As for me, I’m in the process of switching over, but it takes time to get used to a different operating system.

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